Pupil Parliament Members

Jonathon H – Head Boy Y6

Neave Mc – Head Girl Y6

Olivia GT – Head Chaplain Y6

Gabriella F – Year 6 

Rosie G – Year 6 

Harley R – Year 5

Hanna L – Year 5

Devon W – Year 4/5

Isabella H – Year 4/5

Harry B – Year 3/4

Nevaeh R – Year 3/4

Isla F – Year 3

Emily C – Year 3

At St. Joseph’s, we are committed to developing ways in which pupils can becoming actively involved in school life and the wider world. We aim to promote an environment where children are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas about matters concerning them, their views about their well-being and enable them to be involved in decisions about their learning.

Democratic elections were held during the spring term to incorporate our Student Council into a Pupil Parliament.  There are three divisions within the Parliament: Student Council, Rights Respecting and Global Goals.  They meet on a regular basis and the decisions and actions are shared with the rest of the school community.

Student Council
Student council are responsible for collecting and presenting the views of their peers on topics, issues and initiatives that affect them in school and their learning environment, presenting them to Pupil Parliament for debate.  They will then decide which items can be addressed and the actions that need to be taken.

Rights Respecting
The Rights Respecting team are responsible for raising the profile of children’s rights, both at home and abroad.  They are involved in raising awareness where some children are unable to fully enjoy their rights.  They are ambassadors for rights and take part in campaigns and activities to help to bring about change.

Global Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals, otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The Global Goals team are responsible for promoting an understanding of these goals, which include climate change, economic inequality, sustainable consumption, peace and justice.  They support the rest of the school community to understand some of the issues around these goals, how we are all globally interconnected and the consequences of our actions for others elsewhere in the world.  Through global learning and involvement in campaigns, the team will help to develop St Josephs’ pupils into responsible global citizens.