Statements to Live By

“Nurturing Human Wholeness in our Distinctive Catholic Tradition: Statements to Live By…..” is a dynamic resource which we use in St. Joseph’s School each week to help children, staff and other adults, think about who we are, what we believe and what we hope to become. We hope that together we will nurture a sense of what it is to be fully human and alive as children and adults sharing in this Christian community.

There are 36 statements in all which are linked to our R.E. programme and the Catholic life of the school. Examples include: ‘We are all special’; ‘I try to appreciate the beauty and wonder in the world around me’; ‘I know how to show that I am sorry’. Each statement will be celebrated in prayer at whole school Collective Worship. The statements are displayed around school as our mission for the week.

Please try to work with us as we seek to help our children grow in love and understanding of themselves and others and of God in their lives.